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Our roadmap remains unchanged!

It’s time for the hypocrisy and caricatures to stop


Site with an exemplary environmental performance

EuropaCity a new tourist attraction for France

EuropaCity and CTCs framework agreement

EuropaCity 2.0 presentation

View your copy of the iCi review

EuropaCity is committed to ending discrimination

On-going consultation

Appointment: Benoît Chang


EuropaCity prend acte de la décision du Tribunal Administratif de Cergy Pontoise

Les lauréats du plus grand concours d'architecture

Odoxa 2017 survey for EuropaCity

A project to boost tourism in the Paris region

Fully committed to 2024 target

A landmark Grand Paris project

Mozaïk RH to implement EuropaCity’s recruitment policy

Training for young entrepreneurs in Val d’Oise

EuropaCity joins Cap Digital