“We formed a partnership with EuropaCity to help 25 youth get a driver’s license for 150 euros”: Idriss Niang explains the initiative

President of the association Agir Ensemble (Act Together), Idriss Niang decided to help youth in the Val d’Oise department by helping them pass their driver’s test for only 150 euros. A project with which EuropaCity has partnered.

A driver’s license for 150 euros, why?

A driver’s license is expensive – on average 1,500 euros in the Paris region. Some youth do not have the means to afford it. Idriss Niang set up the driver’s license for 150 euros initiative to facilitate access to the programme through his association Agir Ensemble.

A driver’s license for 150 euros, how does it work?

To get it, the youth in question must have a project requiring the obtention of a driver’s license. After sending their CV and a letter of motivation, they are invited to the association to come and explain their motivations.

Thanks to the log ins they receive, the youth can work on the driver’s manual from their home. They have to do 10 sessions per week and generally pass the test within a month and a half. They then move on to practice with on average 28 to 32 hours of driving.

And after?

Next year, Idriss Niang hopes to expand this initiative to help over a hundred youth pass their driver’s test
for 150 euros.