A pioneering leisure and culture destination

EuropaCity is based on changes in our lifestyles in the digital age – expectations of immediacy and simplicity – and the need to consume more responsibly. It will bring energy-efficient cultural venues, sports, relaxation and leisure facilities, shops and housing together in one place, offering visitors a wide range of experiences in a short time. Like the digital world, EuropaCity will have a mix of free and pay-for activities as well as the friendliness digital technology lacks.

Benoît Chang

CEO of EuropaCity

What drives us

Designed for and with people in northeast Île-de-France

Located between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Le Bourget Airports, EuropaCity is at the service of the northeast Île-de-France development project planned by the government for Val d’Oise in the Gonesse Triangle. EuropaCity is being built with local residents, elected officials, economic players and grassroots organisations.

What drives us

What we’re committed to

A sustainable, evolving quarter that creates value for all

Environmental innovations foreshadowing the sustainable metropolis of Greater Paris; economic development in Val d’Oise and throughout Île-de-France; creation of local jobs and public spaces that foster social bonding. EuropaCity is committed to generating benefits for all at every level.

What we’re committed to

Which opens in 2027

The project’s timeline

Opening of EuropaCity 2019

Public inquiry on the EuropaCity project 2020

Birth of the EuropaCity concept 2006

Selection of the Gonesse site 2009

Selection of the architects BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) 2013

Public debate 2016

Launch of the post-debate public consultation 01/02/2017

Architecture competition 01/04/2018

Declaration of public utility of the Gonesse Triangle Master Plan 20/12/2018