Do residents have any input?

Never have so many stakeholders had so much input on any real estate project in France. This process is indispensable for achieving the goal of being a unique destination. It is also a key factor in co-building the project with future visitors. Local residents must make the project their own and take pride in it. Many initiatives have been carried out and will continue until the project opens. From 2010 to 2016, experts, local officials, cultural players and citizens worked together on its various dimensions (social, architectural, etc.):

Fostering dialogue between the stakeholders to create local synergy

  • 8 public debates in 2015

2016: a key year with the public debate (CNDP) from 15 March to 13 July.

  • Over 2,000 participants in 5 public meetings, 3 conferences-debates, 9 thematic workshops, an online debate, a site tour, a bus dedicated to the consultation that travelled to 10 cities, etc.
  • 40 suggestion books, 47 contributions, 9 deliberations, wishes and opinions of local authorities, 131 questions on the website, 156 opinions in the chat forum.
  • It led to substantially modifying the project’s architecture and creating “EuropaCity Compétences”

Since 2017 the consultation has deepened. The post-public debate process aims to reach people who do not usually participate in consultations and to devise a method to inform the public and solicit its participation in improving the project.

  • Reaching out to residents at markets, RER stations, neighbourhood organisations, schools, etc
  • Giving them information at offices (around 150 people in 2018) and the building site, opening the steering committee to them and to associations.
  • Imagining and co-building with residents through study visits (Lyon, Paris and Nantes), a job/training hackathon and an architecture competition.