Is EuropaCity a virtuous project?

Aware of the social and environmental issues, EuropaCity chose an ambitious, proactive sustainable development policy, to optimise the project’s economic, social and environmental benefits. The project’s scale and diverse programmes, as well as the opportunity to design something of this size, means that ambitious, innovative technical resource, energy, water and waste management solutions can be implemented that will contribute to the construction and development of a virtuous ecosystem on the local level.
EuropaCity will rely heavily on renewable energy, including 14 hectares of solar panels, a biomass heating plant and power storage facilities. The site will have a Smart Grid to synchronise energy needs and resources. The aim is zero energy waste. EuropaCity will have the means to develop a unique energy mix—100% of its energy will come from renewables—and be an example to the world of a French Smart City. Its size and diversity will help to create an innovative ecosystem designed to simultaneously manage water, energy and waste in a pedestrian-scaled quarter, which most visitors and employees will reach by mass transit and non-motorised means of transport, according to studies conducted so far. Energy efficiency has been integrated into the architectural design to reduce heating, air-conditioning and lighting needs.