Why is the projet in the Gonesse Triangle?

EuropaCity is in Val d’Oise in the Gonesse Triangle Mixed Development Zone (ZAC). The government has planned to develop this area for over 20 years, as the Île-de-France Region Master Plan (SDRIF) attests. The master plan, which the government, region and town proposed well before the EuropaCity project was announced, is very compact, limiting urban sprawl and the destruction of farmland while promoting the development of an area with many problems. It was drawn up in consultation with the Val d’Oise Chamber of Agriculture. The consensus is to preserve 8,000 ha of farmland in Greater Roissy and develop 270 ha in order to create 50,000 jobs for local residents. Being near Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris and connected to a major motorway network (A1, A3, Francilienne) was decisive for EuropaCity. Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise are metropolitan France’s youngest two departments. Their cultural, social and economic creativity are assets for creating such a destination.