Will the EuropaCity project create jobs?

EuropaCity creates jobs for metropolitan Paris, especially in northeastern Île-de-France. In partnership with public and private employment players, the project’s developer promises to create an orientation, training and insertion programme for the residents of Seine-Saint-Denis, Val d’Oise and Seine et Marne and set aside 75% of the jobs for them.
• The estimated number of jobs created in the construction phase is put at 3,000 in 40 different trades
• During the operational phase, around 10,000 jobs will be created in 80 different trades
The ZAC will help to create 50,000 jobs. The Gonesse Triangle ZAC has been chosen for the Greater Paris metropolitan area’s “Inventing the Metropolis” project. The Triango project will be built on 13 hectares northeast of the station.