Will the EuropaCity project pave over farmland?

Housing is the main cause of urban sprawl. Contrary to popular belief, between 2006 and 2012 Ile-de-France consumed four times less space than the French average (560 ha/year, or +0.2%/year). That’s half as much as during the 1994-2012 period (1,200 ha/year).
The government wanted to structure the Gonesse Triangle ZAC to preserve 400 ha of contiguous farmland while building a new 299ha quartier in its southern part with:

  • 128 ha for the business quarter;
  • 80 ha for EuropaCity;
  • 70 ha of landscaped areas (including 10 ha within EuropaCity);
  • 23 ha of farmbelt;
  • 8 ha of roads.